Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit

R 430.00

This is a smart home starter kit. Suitable for beginners to learn programming development and application over 8 years of age.

We provide tutorial and video for learning step by step from the beginning. DIY automatic watering and irrigation system learning kit based on UNO R3. 

It uses a detector module to automatically monitor the soil moisture, it can automatically water the plants and help take care of the garden while on vacation.


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1 × UNO with USB cable 

1 × Soil detection sensor with conversion module 

1 × 5vDC water pump with transparent water pipe 

1 × 5V relay module 

1 × 400-hole breadboard 

1 × No. 5 battery box (with switch) 

10 × Dupont line male to male 20cm 

10 × DuPont female to female 20cm 

10 × Dupont line male to female 20cm


12 Items

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