Broadlink RM4C Mini Universal Remote

R 399.00

The Broadlink RM4c mini universal remote supports thousands of IR controlled devices such as TV’s, STB’s, Air conditioners, Fan’s, Video Recorders, DVD players and more. Broadlink is continuously updating the supported devices library, so the RM4c mini is always compatible with newer devices. An option is available to program your devices and learn buttons if certain cloud data is unavailable.

N.B. Broadlink has changed their name to BestCon.



Control all IR devices from a smart phone and voice. Automate scenes by triggering sensors. Set time switches for your home appliances according to your living habits, such as turning the air conditioner on/off at regular intervals. If you are not at home, you can also turn home appliances on/off using your mobile phone or check the status of the electrical switch in real time.


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