RoboFactory SA (Pty Ltd), an online store based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was established in 2019 by DIY enthusiasts who encountered challenges in finding high-quality home automation, educational, and basic electronic products at affordable prices.

The core mission of RoboFactory is to enhance accessibility to home automation by offering a diverse range of home automation products. These products enable you to create a smarter home by interconnecting your appliances and devices, allowing you to control them conveniently from your phone or voice assistant.

Our educational range encompasses components and accessories related to the 4th Industrial Revolution, including microcontrollers, sensors, IoT devices, and various kits that are ideal for inquisitive minds. With our extensive range and expertise in this field, RoboFactory has earned the trust of numerous schools, universities, and training facilities throughout the country, making us their preferred supplier.

In addition to home automation and educational products, we also stock a wide selection of electronic tools, circuitry components, and voltage converter solutions for backup power.

We continually expand our product offerings to cater to the increasing demand from our valued customers.