Sonoff Gate / Garage Wifi Smart Switch

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With this device you can make your electronic gate or garage door smart. When this device is installed, you can open or close your gate/door with either the eWelink app, any voice assistant or home automation hub.


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The wireless switch supports inching /self-locking mode. You can add the device to the eWeLink APP to remote control connected home appliances or devices. In self-locking mode, you can remotely turn on/off connected devices immediately. When in inching mode, you can turn on the switch for 1s and then auto-turn-off after another 1s. This simulates the press of the remote control button thereby opening or closing your gate or garage motor.

Remote control with the EweLink APP for iOS and Android. Supported functions include remote on/off, timing schedules, device sharing, group management.

The self-lock/inching mode wireless switch has two power supply specification: 5V. No matter which specification you select, they have the same functions.

LED Indicator:

The LED beside on/off setting button indicates wifi status(enter pairing status: long press the setting button until led fast blink).

Another one below the relay indicates relay on or off status(on: turn on the connected device, off: turn off connected device).


Add device to eWeLink:

Long press the setting button until the LED beside on/off setting button fast blinking.

1. Android: Add Device->select pairing method according to how the LED blinks->enter WiFi name and password->pairing and register->name device

2. iOS: go to phone setting->WiFi-> select the WiFi starts with ITEAD-********, enter default password to connect:12345678-> go to eWeLink->Add device->->select pairing method according how the LED blinks->enter WiFi name and password->pairing and register->name device


Two working voltage: USB 5V and DC 7V-32V

With signal instruction light and relay pull-on instruction light

Power < 1W, and quiescent current:80mA

Cutover current< 10A , Cutover voltage< 250V

10A Relay Model

The life of Relay Model is more than 1,000,000

Insulation resistance: 100M

Maximum pull-on time: 15mS

Maximum release time: 5mS

Working Temperature: -40 to 70degree

Working Humidity: 40% to 80% RH

Size: about 80*15*35mm



There are two working modes for the module: inching mode and self-locking mode. The device is in self locking mode by default. You will need to switch it to itching mode using the eWeLink App.

This device also support Normally Opened (NO) or Normally closed (NC) switching.

Package included:

1 x WIFI Wireless Smart Home Switch 


Read our blog post on how to install this device

12 Items

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