UNO R3 Multifunction Expansion Board

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Fully compatible with UNO R3 interfaces. Providing beginners basic experimental modules all in one integrated board


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* Fully compatible with development board interfaces 

* Providing beginners basic experimental module 

* A board integrates various modules function  

* No welding, no connection, you can download the program directly to complete the experiment 

* Set aside expansion port, you can complete other modules experiment


* 2-way button module

* 2-way LED module

* Full Color LED Module

* IR receiver module

* Brightness sensor module

* LM35D temperature sensor module

* Passive buzzer module

* Rotary potentiometer module

* DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module

* One I2C interface (A4 SDA, A5 SCL)

* One TTL serial port

* Two channel digital ports (D7, D8)

* One channel analog port (A3)

* Reset button

25 Items

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