Smart Home Kit (without Micro:bit)

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The Smart home Kit is a great product for making smart home-based projects with the micro:bit. The carefully selected components are commonly used in home automation, including items such as: TMP36 temperature sensor, sound sensor, crash sensor, servo and motor. From lighting to fans you will be able to turn your home smart, you can build projects to control things like wardrobe doors, the fish tank and your flowerpots, driving them using micro:bit. A smart home is what makes life more practical and playing with it is what makes life more interesting.

Please note: micro:bit is not included


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The micro:bit Smart Home Kit, developed by ELECFREAK, is a product designed for smart home projects using the micro:bit platform. It includes essential components commonly found in homes, such as the TMP36 temperature sensor, sound sensor, crash sensor, servo, and motor.
With the micro:bit Smart Home Kit, you can build various scenes for your smart home, including windowsills, wardrobes, and fish tanks. By programming the micro:bit, you can create an intelligent home environment and control these scenes effectively. The kit allows you to bring your imagination to life and make your home smarter and more practical.
Exploring and playing with the micro:bit Smart Home Kit can add an interesting aspect to your daily life. It offers an opportunity to delve into the world of smart home technology and experience the excitement of creating and programming your own smart devices. Whether you're interested in automation or simply enjoy experimenting with new technologies, the micro:bit Smart Home Kit provides a platform for both practicality and fun.


• The Smart Home Kit includes commonly used components found in homes, such as temperature sensors, sound sensors, crash sensors, servos, motors, rainbow LEDs, and more. With these components, users can build scenes like windowsills, wardrobes, fish tanks, and create their own smart and interactive home environment. By programming the micro:bit, users can intelligently control and automate these devices, enabling functions such as smart fans, voice-activated lights, and automated windows.
• The micro:bit Smart Home Kit is compatible with graphical Makecode programming, making it accessible for kids to learn and use. They can employ easier-to-understand programming methods to achieve their desired functionalities, fostering their interest and engagement in programming.
• With the Elecfreaks micro:bit Smart Home Kit, users can explore the world of smart home technology, unleash their creativity, and develop a deeper understanding of programming concepts and applications.

Package includes:

• 3V sensor:bit
• OLED Screen
• Crash E-Blocks
• TMP36 Temperature sensor E-Blocks
• Rainbow LED E-Blocks
• Simulation Noise Sensor E-Blocks
• Light Sensor E-Blocks
• Soil Moisture Sensor E-Blocks
• Relay E-Blocks
• DC Motor E-Blocks
• 180° Servo E-Blocks
• Submersible Pump E-Blocks
• Screw Driver
• USB Cable
• Crystal Battery Box
• Smart Home Kit Manual Book


8 Items

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