Ring:bit Car Accessories

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The Ring:bit car line following module, light-bar module and Sonar:bit are dedicated modules designed for the Ring:bit car.

Line following module: Equipped with double infrared probes, it can detect the distance between 2~12mm accurately that can achieve the function of line following around the circles, the detection of the black lines and the detection of the edge.

Light-bar module: It can brings you multiple color with simple assembling methods.It comes with 8 Rainbow full color LEDs. You can update it to a car with auto-headlights and rainbow lights.

Sonar:bit module: This module is installed in the back to make sure it goes freely avoiding any obstacle

Please note: micro:bit and ring:bit car is not included


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1 X Ring:bit car line following module

1 X Line following module

1 X Light-bar module

10 Items

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