LTC3780 - DC-DC Buck Boost 10A (CC/CV)

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The LTC3780 DC 5-32V to 1V-30V 10A is an Automatic boost buck Step Up Down Regulator Charging Power Supply Module. This device comes equiped with adjustable voltage and current capabilities. 


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The power supply is a high-efficiency automatic voltage regulator. The output voltage can be maintained based on what the input value is. Example, set the output to 12V, then the variation of the input voltage in the range of 5-32V, the output voltage in the 12V invariant. This module has a perfect protection function, and can be widely used in notebook power, vehicle power supply, solar charge etc.


• The input uses a replaceable fuse to protect power supply and equipment;
• The whole electrolysis use patch, low resistance, high frequency capacitor,to make the ripple down to the freezing point;
• Constant voltage, constant current, under voltage protection (MPPT is more suitable for solar charging)
• The output has error indicating lamp,it will light when the output voltage drift too serious,short circuit and other fault;
• Inductor use iron silicon aluminum, 0.8 double winding, generate less heat.


• Input voltage: DC5-32V;
• Output voltage: DC1V-30V continuously adjustable; the default 12V shipment
• Output current: 10A (MAX) ,long term within 8A
• Output power: 80W, peak 130W, more than 80W please strengthen heat dissipation
• Output ripple: 50mV (12V turn to 12V, 5A measured)
• Short circuit protection:YES
• Input reverse connection protection: No
• Output prevent reverse connection protection: No
• Operating temperature range: -45 ~ +85 centigrade

• Dimension: 77.6 * 46.5 * 15mm


• Turn the blue potentiometer that’s nearest to the input about 50-70 times until the green OK light on the opposite end comes on.


• Video

• Datasheet

Package includes:

• 1 x LTC3780 - DC-DC Buck Boost 10A (CC/CV)

74 Items

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