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Connect this high powered Smart Switch to your high current appliances, control it and monitor usage from anywhere using the eWelink app. 
This device has a max load of 100a which is perfect to control high powered devices and assess how much power is being consumed. You can set this device to automatically switch an appliance e.g. your geyser during peak times and switch it back on during off peak times. Once connected, you can control it with your phone or voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Note: Please consult with an electrician prior to installation.


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The Wifi enabled circuit breaker is suitable for 50Hz, 230V/400V, 0-100A circuits. This intelligent recloser circuit breaker can be switched off/on by a smart cell phone using the eWelink app, switched off/on using a timer and switch off/on by cycle.


• Remote control at anytime from anywhere
• Schedule ON/OFF
• Voice control for Amazon Alexa and Google home
• Overload and short circuit protection
• Over voltage protection
• Energy monitoring


• Rated voltage: AC 230V 1P
• Pole number: 1P

Package includes:

• 1 x 1P 100A WiFi Switch

11 Items

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