XH-M299 220V to 12V 0.5A + 5V Buck Module

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XH-M299 Switching Power Supply Module AC-DC Isolated PCB Board

Input 110-220V

Output 12V0.5A + 5V


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Product name: AC-DC power module

Product model: XH-M299

Input voltage: AC110-240V

Output voltage: DC5V / DC12V

Output current: 100mA / 500mA

Output power: 0.5W / 6W

Product net weight: 11.5g

Product size: 35 * 25 * 15mm

Pad pitch: Input 15.24 output 5.08 (mm)


Instructions for use:


XH-M298 is an AC to DC power module with isolated power, dual output, strong anti-interference and other characteristics;

The input voltage is AC110-220V, the dual outputs are DC5V and DC12V, and the maximum output current is 100mA / 500mA, the maximum power is 0.5W and 6W; the input and output can be used directly by pad connection, and can also be used with pin headers and other circuit board soldering.


1. Connect AC110-220V power at the power input.

2. Dual output, 5V and 12V respectively, can be connected to the load matching the output voltage at the same time, note the difference between the positive and negative poles of the power supply

25 Items

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