Sonoff Dual R3 Lite WiFi Smart Switch

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Connect and independently control up to 2 devices with the Sonoff Dual R3 Lite. The Dual R3 Lite is great to control devices such as motorised blinds. The Dual R3 Lite is also perfect for two way control of devices such as lights.

Once connected, you can control it with your phone or voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.


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Sonoff DUALR3 Lite takes your home to the next level. DUALR3 Lite is a flush-mounted Wi-Fi smart dual relay switch module that is installed behind any standard switch to transform it into a smart switch for wireless control with mobile devices or voice command. Unifying your home appliances into an integrated wireless network to make them communicate with one another which is convenient for you to manage and control, including lights and home appliances. DUALR3 Lite comes with switch mode and motor mode.


• Double two-way control of two devices independently
• Work with various extra switches, control devices directly via original wall switches
• Remotely control home appliances
• DUALR3 Lite can operate as a smart control module for a 100-240V AC motor, like the tubular motor for bi-directional motorized curtains, blinds, roller shutters, awnings, etc.
• DUALR3 Lite works with other SONOFF products like L2. Just tell Siri and it wil automatically close the curtain for you to create a romantic atomosphere.
• Customize smart scenes and scheduling timed events
• Support Siri shortcut voice control
• LAN control available

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45 Items

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